Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wonderful Day

Had a wonderful day today. Went with my daughter and her bridesmaids to pick out dresses for the girls to wear in the wedding. We went to the same shop where Cari bought her dress. They actually have two stores: One that sells the bridal gowns and the other that has bridesmaid's dresses and dresses for flower girls. We were so happy to find one dress that looks terrific on all 4 girls.
This is the dress. The color Cari selected is a little darker and more of an olive green. It's a lovely, pretty green and looks much prettier in person. I ordered extra fabric so I can make a dress for my granddaughter, Megan (9). She is going to hostess the guest book and wants a dress that goes with the bridesmaid's dresses. She and I went online and she chose a pattern by McCalls that will be darling on her.
When Shannon and Megan arrived at the dress shop, Shannon told me that 4 year old Andrew had fallen the day before and it looked as though he had broken his collar bone. While we girls were together, Bryan had the boys at a birthday party. Andrew was pretty much watching the other kids play because he just wasn't feeling too well. Since his peditrician is at a hospital near our house, I told her to drop Megan, Nathan and Matthew at our house while they took Andrew to the ER for a check up.
Thankfully, the x-rays showed that he had bruising but no break. We were so surprised because he has quite a lump. The doctor even called in another doctor to check the x-rays because by the look of things, she thought he had a break, too. They prescribed Tylenol or Motrin for kids for him and sent him on his way. We were all so happy with the results because he would have NOT liked wearing the brace he would have had to wear. He came in smiling ear to ear and showing off his big Hulk sticker. They know how to make little boys happy.
Tomorrow I am going to spend time reading blogs. I am looking forward to catching up!


Janis said...

dresses look beautiful! :) What an exciting time for you!


Linda said...

Thank goodness Andrew didn't break anything, or worse...God was definitely watching over him.

What a pretty bridemaid dress! I like it a lot because it can be worn after the wedding....unlike the ones we had years ago!! This must all be so much fun for you....enjoy every moment.

Love & Pooh Hugs,

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad you had a successful dress trip, and the one you are going to make sounds beautiful :o)

a corgi said...

I like the dress and the color sounds pretty! so glad little Andrew's injury didn't result in a break

have a good Sunday


Jeannette said...

The dress is very elegant isn't it and I'm sure Megan will look a million dollars in her creation! I'm so glad Andrew didn't break anything, I hope the bruising goes down and he's as good as new soon. Jeannette xx

Beth said...

A very pretty dress, and one that can be worn for other occasions! Rather than layers of tulle and mountains of ruffles. LOL

Glad it wasn't a break for little Andrew!


Rose said...

my Eric fell on the playground at school in kindergarten and broke his collar bone. nice dresses. rose

Jan said...

Oh how lovely the dresses are and it will be so nice for Megan to wear the same ,pretty much as the big girls ,it all sounds so exciting now ,hope Dennis is ok ,pleased the little fellow hadnt broken his collar bone Jan xx

LYN said...