Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Kasey

Today is my pup's eleventh birthday. She is my faithful companion and little buddy. I've enjoyed every day she has spent with us. She makes me laugh on a daily basis and, when I come home after being gone a few hours, she greets me like I'm the most wonderful person in the whole world.
She's a West Highland White Terrior. Independent, loving, smart, a good hunter and protector of the back yard. Who could ask for more from a 25 pound bundle of love?
I hope we have a few more good years together. She is slowing down and shows signs of arthritis but it doesn't keep her from enjoying her daily life.
I thank God for her every day.


Monica said...

isxpsMy dad had a West Highland Terrior when he was fighting cancer. Let me tell you he was thee best dog, so devoted to my dad. He would just lay there curled next to my dad for hours on end without disturbing him. When my dad died, he was heartbroken and wouldn't eat. He died a few weeks later.

Happy Birthday to Kasey, may she stay healthy and enjoy her years.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Kasey! I'm sure Kasey has a good few burthdays left in her Kathy, she's a sweetheart! My dogs were the same, even if I went out into the garden to hang washing out they'd greet me when I came back like I'd been away for days! Lol! Jeannette xx

Jan said...

A Very Happy Birthday to a special Doggie Kasey,my son and his family have had two of those lovely breeds Angus ,and Sophie ,they were gorgeous and of course were so missed when they had to leave us Jan xx

Solitary Dancer said...

Westies are adorable but then again so are all our furbabies. I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world


Sugar said...

HB Kasey!!!!
Woof Woof from me & my girls.
May you have many more. {{}}

Stuart said...

oh what a lovely journal so glad I found you

Beth said...

Hey, happy birthday to the puppy! Maybe not a puppy in age, but always in heart!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Kasey...many kisses and tummy rubs being sent your way. :)

Pooh Hugs & Snuggles,

a corgi said...

Happy belated birthday Kasey!! you look like a wonderful little dog! I bet you bring your "Mom" and "dad" much happiness!! may you have many more years together and I hope you were spoiled a bit on your special day

Koda and Betty

Sandra said...

A very Happy Birthday to Kasey, a very pretty Westie. :o)

Love Sandra xxxx