Monday, March 2, 2009

A Whole Month Slipped By

Hello! I'm still here. February was such a busy month so I just didn't have time to post or visit the blogs of my friends. I'll try catching up the most important things....

As you can see by the pictures, my son sucessfully completed the Sheriff's Academy. He graduated Monday, February 23. The pictures show him receiving his badge, him and his wife, Shannon after the ceremony and

the dessert I served at his surprise party the day before. Most of you know the joke about peace officers and their love for donuts and coffee... Well, instead of a cake, I bought 3 dozen donuts and used some of them to create this cake-like stack decorated with a badge, police cars and handcuffs. He loved it and insisted on taking it to work with him the next day to share with his friends. Luckily, I bought enough so everyone could have one without messing up his 'donut cake'.

He has started his job as a patrol deputy in one of the desert communities. His first shift is 10:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. Tues. thru Friday. We are so happy that he won't have to ask for time off for Cari's wedding. He will have that day off! Phew!!! He will work with a Field Training Officer for the next four months. He will work each of the three shifts and with four training officers over that time. He's heard that Field Training is as tough or tougher than the academy so he's a little apprehensive. He's going to do fine.
Yesterday, my sister, mom, and daughter-in-law gave a beautiful Bridal Shower for Cari. The theme was Bedroom and Bathroom so she got most of the things she will need to get started. Several women brought baskets with things like cleaning supplies, spices, cooking utensils, and other small items. She got bath towels, kitchen towels, and the comforter she wanted for thier bed.
Before the shower, she and I, along with one of her bride's maids, Amanda, went for her final gown fitting. Brought tears to my eyes when I walked in and she was standing on a round platform in front of a mirror looking like a princess. We also picked up all the bride's maids dresses. They are just lovely.
We have a meeting with the venue on Saturday to pay the final payment and to choose the set up and decorations. That's going to be fun.
I bought a dress but I don't really like it so my sister and I are going out later this afternoon to look for another one and I'll take the first one back. Wishe me luck.


Beth said...

Congrats to your son! I'll hope for his continued safety.

The donut cake is hilarious!

Monica said...

Congrats to your son! I will keep him and my police officer son in my prayers. :-) Gotta look after all the sons and dads (and daughters and moms) who serve our communities and country.

I have a bride who told me she was hoping to have a donut "cake" made because she doesn't like cake. I'll see if she comes up with anything as creative. Maybe I should send her over to view yours!


DB said...

Congratulations on everything. I like the donut cake. Very appropriate. I have a friend whose wedding cake was a huge array of cupcakes built up to look like a wedding cake. I told her it was just right because she is like a cup cake: small and sweet.


Jeannette said...

The donut cake is funny, congratulations to your son on getting through the sherriffs academy. Cari's wedding sounds like it's going to be fun for you all, you're certainly having fun preparing for it! Jeannette xx

Jeannette said...

Hi Kathy! I've just dropped in to see if you'd posted recently. How are you and the family? Jeannette xx

Anonymous said...


AutumnRose said...

It's been awhile since I've visited your blog, but I'm happy you have so many good things going on. That donut cake was a fantastic idea! Sending good wishes for your a beautiful wedding! Karen