Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sew What?

I've been busy sewing pillow cases for my grandchildren and their cousins. I finished today.

I hope they like them.

Andrew and Nathan's have Superman, Batman, and another super hero. I'm not hep to his name. LOL My friend, Felicia embroidered the names for me.

My next project is a pair of pajamas for Megan. She picked out the fabric this past summer and I still haven't made them for her. Hope to get it done for Christmas.

I made a set of baby blankets for a 2-1/2 year old little girl who just loves her baby dolls. Her mom gives her a wash cloth and towel to wrap them up in so I made one for a 14" doll, one for a tiny 4" doll and then a changing pad for the bigger baby doll. Wish I could be there when she opens the package on Christmas morning.

My Christmas shopping is nearly finished. I just need to get gift cards for my hair dresser, Kasey's groomer, and the gal that does my nails. I usually get gift cards to restaurants for them. I will probably do that again this year.

We are only buying gifts for our grandchildren this year. With the recession hitting our family members we all decided to skip the presents this year for the adults and make a special Christmas for the kids. To be honest, it's a big relief for all of us. My sister and I are going to buy a girl's bicycle and donate it to the Salvation Army for a needy child. We did the same thing for a little boy last year in memory of our Dad. As long as we can afford it, it will be a Christmas tradition.

We are going to celebrate the Saturday after Christmas so we have everyone for the entire day. No one has to hurry off to see other family so we can relax and take our time having a great meal and watching the kids open gifts.


Jan said...

We seem to be on the same wave length this year ,with our Grandchilrens presents I have made Charlotte a Quillow ,Your presents are lovely they will all be delighted Im sure ! Jan xx

Janis said...

Love the pillow cases..I'm sure your grandchildren will too!

The bike idea is so great...I remember you doing it last year!

Have a great day!


Rose said...

My mother made my kids pillow cases and to this day they still cherish them. even as adults. they miss her. Wise choice for Christmas presents we are going to do that too. Love the bike idea! xoxo

Beth said...

The pillowcases are beautiful--I bet they'll love them!

I think you're like many of us this year--cutting way back on Christmas. My family decided that we already have enough "stuff," so we aren't going to add to that this year!

Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

What a great idea, personalized pillowcases. They look wonderful :o)

Linda's World said...

Hi Kathy, I bet you've got one of those fancy machines that does that beautiful embroidery. That would be so handy. I've had items enbroidered in the past and it costs a fortune. I love the pillow cases~what a great gift idea.

Sandra said...

They are lovely Kathy, I`m sure the grandchildren will love them. :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

wildautumn said...

You are so talented! I always loved and treasured the gifts my Mom and Grandma made for me. I still have the Barbie clothes they made when I was a child. Have a good week! Karen