Saturday, November 8, 2008


Dennis was in surgery for 5 1/2 hours yesterday. His case was "complicated and difficult" according to his surgeon but the results were exactly as he had hoped and wanted. Dennis tolerated the surgery well and, so far, so good. I'm so thankful that he had this particular surgeon considering how complicated things were. I've joked that he's the best doctor in the world and if you don't believe me, just ask him. There was no arrogance when we spoke yesterday. He was warm and his words comforted my worried heart.

I'm thankful that the surgeon was able to do the surgery laproscopically. Dennis has 5 small incisions. He says his belly is sore but not especially painful. The biggest discomfort comes from the air they pump into the abdomen during the surgery so they can see better what they are doing. He said the pain in his neck and shoulders is worse than the incision pain.

I'm thankful that he is doing so well he may come home tomorrow. He was running a little fever today. They want him to drink lots of water and to do his breathing exercises often. That should help in breaking the fever. He was drinking clear liquids when I was with him this morning but his doctor was going to thicken it up a bit to see how he tolerates it.

He is in a Seventh Day Adventist hospital (no caffiene or meat). I'm thankful because it is a Christ centered place. They have beautiful paintings of doctors with Jesus looking over their shoulders in the lobby. Knowing that most of the staff are people of faith ~ not necessarily Christians ~ gave me a lot of comfort.

Thank you for your kind comments and good thoughts and prayers. I appreciate it more that you know!

Hugs to all!


Rose said...

I am so grateful also that Dennis's surgery went well! That is very painful when the blow your stomach up I had that when I had my tubal. Coughing that air out was the worst part! God certainly is an awesome God! xoxo

Beth said...

I hope he has a speedy and uneventful recovery!

Linda said...

Just stopping by to say hi since getting back. I'm so glad that Dennis made it through safely and that everything came out so well. I will continue to pray now that his recovery goes as well. God is good!

Love & Pooh Hugs,

a corgi said...

so glad that the surgery went good and your hubby will be coming home soon


Jan said...

Pheww Iam pleased thats over ,he will be fine now, and if he can soon come home to all your TLC everything will be good ya Jan xx

Jeannette said...

I'm so happy the surgery went well Kathy, I'm hoping Dennis is home or will be home soon. It's much better to be in your own home after surgery with no foreign bugs about to infect you! I know you'll be taking good care of him when he finally gets home to you. Take care Kathy. Jeannette xx